Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Diligent use of means

This thing called "faith" is so highly priced by God yet it is so contrary to human senses. I was just explaining to somebody that faith in Christ is so contrary to what we are wired for, that when I look at the sinfulness of my heart, I am easily convinced that God could not possibly accept me. Our sins are more believable rather than the forgiveness of God in Christ, so much so that since our sins are more real, we are willing and ready to pay for it.

My purpose for the discussion in the last few posts had one main point, to bring confidence in the Scripture; that it is God's Word (it does not contain it, but IS it), that by virtue of it being God inspired, it cannot mislead in any other way even in the minute or seemingly immaterial detail. For if it did, it will put into question the other parts. Of course, I am saying this because I believe the truths of Scripture are interconnected, that is of course a premise I am operating on. If this premise is not true, then of course, you can have an erroneous Scripture. I do not allow for this because I believe all of God's words are not wasted words, they all point to Christ, yes, even that obscure passage in Nahum.

So, coming back to my point that faith being so slippery and easily killed (for the devil wants that faith destroyed), and adding the fact that it is a gift of God such that you cannot create it within yourself, the BoC authors direct the reader to Scripture and the listening of it, specially at a time when a believer is doubting his future destiny.

From SD XI.

76] Moreover, the declaration, John 6:44, that no one can come to Christ except the Father draw him, is right and true. However, the Father will not do this without means, but has ordained for this purpose His Word and Sacraments as ordinary means and instruments; and it is the will neither of the Father nor of the Son that a man should not hear or should despise the preaching of His Word, and wait for the drawing of the Father without the Word and Sacraments. For the Father draws indeed by the power of His Holy Ghost, however, according to His usual order [the order decreed and instituted by Himself], by the hearing of His holy, divine Word, as with a net, by which the elect are plucked from the jaws of the devil. 77] Every poor sinner should therefore repair thereto [to holy preaching], hear it attentively, and not doubt the drawing of the Father. For the Holy Ghost will be with His Word in His power, and work by it; and that is the drawing of the Father.



Steve Martin said...

Holy Scripture certainly is an aspect of the Word.

Preaching and teaching. The Sacraments. Holy Scripture, and the consolation of the brethren.

In those things you will find the Word of God. More rightly said, the Word will find you.

L P said...


Scripture is God's Strong Word. They are spirit and they are life.

This is the experience of men of old, even Luther re-discovered the Gospel of Grace by reading Scripture and since the renewal, he had treated it as God's infallible Word.


Matthew Delves said...

Do always appreciate your posts.

L P said...


Thanks little bro.

BTW I lost my cell phone and so I lost your number, can you text me (the number is still the same).



Steve Martin said...

I treat it as God's Infallible Word as well.

Word vs. words.

Brett Meyer said...

Fine post Lito. The blessings and comfort of the Holy Ghost be with you.

In Christ,
Brett Meyer

L P said...


Thanks bro. and likewise.

I enjoyed Dr. Ichabod's featuring your post on UOJ vs Luther on

Will write on this a bit more too...