Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What a day

I was back for Australia Day. The flight back from Portugal was un-eventful except for some confusion on where I should pick up my luggage but I will never forget the hospitality of Porto, Portugal. My, what a friendly and humble people, always willing to help strangers and not afraid to try their English on you. People smile back when you smile at them, in the train station, in the malls and everywhere.

So I came home for Australia Day parade. At this parade, I am amazed to hear so many people speaking foreign languages. The world is coming down to Australia, and that is good. They should come down, it can accommodate 50 more million people... no kidding, a study shows this. We will be richer for it.

It was really an amazing day yesterday. We caught Premier Brumby coming out of his lunch where we happened to be having a picnic. We called to greet him and he walked over to shake our hands.


steve martin said...

Happy Australia Day, LPC!

Glad you had a great trip!

I'd love to move to Australia, but I don't really know how to do anything and I don't have any money. (you guys probably wouldn't take me)

Maybe I'll go into govt. here in the States! They'll take anybody.

L P Cruz said...


Surely you know something, a trade you may have used and applied for a couple of years will get you in.

Right now accountants/nurses are much needed but plumbers, bakers and barbers are needed too etc.



steve martin said...

Thanks LPC! I appreciate the link.

My Mom is still around and I have other family (children in the mid-twenties) to think about.

But one never knows. I have thought about this before a little bit, and I think that there is only one other country I would consider moving to. Australia!

G'day Mate! (I'm going to take Australian lessons!)

L P Cruz said...


Come for a holiday visit first, it will refresh you.

Mi casa es tu casa.