Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers

To the dear friends in the USA who regularly drop in and read, or lurk etc. around this humble blog, my best wishes to you today.

Have a good day catching up with family and friends.



steve martin said...

Thanks L.P.C.!

You are a real blessing, and this American thanks God for you!

- Steve Martin

L P Cruz said...


Enjoy the company of family and friends, for now look away - count your blessings, name them one by one and you will be surprized what God has done (so the song goes).

Psalm 103.

Seeing Jesus, God is good, worthy of thanks.


Past Elder said...

Muchas gracias, hermano.

Here's something a Filipino might find ironic -- the first recorded public thanksgiving event in what is now the US had nothing to do with English colonisation, but was the thanksgiving the Spanish colonists held after landing at what is now St Augustine, Florida.

Of course that was long before La Florida passed to English control, which is why, starting as a union of former English colonies, it's barely known here.

Here's a cultural question for you. Also here, the day after Thanksgiving marks the traditional start of the Christmas, oh excuse me, holiday shopping season, even having the name Black Friday from the idea that the big buying season is when retailers stop operating in the red and start making a profit. So, is there a particular day that marks the start of the buying season in PI or Oz?

L P Cruz said...


THat is truly ironic, amigo.

OK in PI the moment the month ends with a 'ber' as in September, that is the start of the commercial season ooops, I mean Christmas season.

Now in Aus, when I cam 20 years ago, that season used to start way near the 25. The aussies are not commercial savees.

I think they are starting to learn from us (LOL), now this mid November, the shops have started to present their Christmas items.

So are you catching up with relations/friends, how are the two boys?

I know it hurts, you miss your missus at this time.

God comfort you PE.


Past Elder said...

This year, once again the date, 26 November, and the day, the night before Thanksgiving, were the same as 1997 when she died. I posted about it on my blog.

Boys are doing well. I have their Christmas stuff all set. The evening news said they were already lining up at Best Buy (big electronics retailer in case they're not known in Oz) as of 10pm Thanksgiving night for the sale to start at 5am the day after for God's sake!

Some stores are even opening late Thanksgiving or the day itself, trying to get as many sales as possible with the economy not in good shape and predictions for a slim season.

They are getting new computers. Pretty decent student/entry level models. Man. In 2001 I bought a top-of-the-line kick-ass Toshiba laptop with everything on it. Since then, I have now bought 5 computers, all laptops. Not only would the price of the 2001 be a little more than all 5 later ones added to-gether, but any one of the later ones can perform circles around the 2001 model!

I used to get a kick out of my Aussie roomie in grad school, who was originally from Hobart and described Christmas as going to the beach! Not exactly the White Christmas here in the Northern Hemisphere.

L P Cruz said...


Where can you find a crowd gathering in a park and at night to sing Christmas Carols with their picnic baskets and champagne?

You cannot do this in snow covered spaces.

An old Scottish family who adopted us still insists on serving us plum pudding at 40 degree Christmas heat.

It is hard to break a tradition even though salads are most useful rather than turkey and pork roasts.

We are ready to die after a Christmas lunch.

Specially us being Filipinos, we eat Christmas dinner on the eve - Noche Buena, remember? Then you do this again as you visit Aussie friends for Christmas lunch.

We often call this the torture of eating.