Monday, November 24, 2008

All for Vesper

I like this version of James Bond.

He is fair dinkum. The previous ones seemed synthetic to me.

This version of 007 is vulnerable and more realistic.

Man, this guy even cries and even wears T-shirts.


Past Elder said...

I bloody loved it!

I was a fan of the earlier Bond movies from Dr No on, however, as that led to reading the Fleming novels, the lack of a hermeneutic of continuity, shall we say, between the Bonds was apparent, and much as I enjoyed the Bond flicks for pure fun fantasy I wished the Bond of the books were on the screen too.

Now he is! Or at least a reasonable effort thereat. There's lots of action and special effects, but not all built around gadgets introduced by Q at the outset, and Camille is far from the standard Bond girl to be eye candy taken to bed but a counterpart and action character in her own right. Plus, they seem to be building on the general story line of the books, starting as they did with Casino Royale.

Wouldn't it be great, given the reasons Sean Connery abandoned the role years ago and the new direction of the current Bond series, if he had a part in one of these something like the appearance of the original Catherine, Faye Dunaway, in the remake of The Thomas Crown Affair?

All in all, I waited to leave until the final credits had run, and had the same excitement when I saw "James Bond Will Return" at the very end as I did all those years ago!

Anonymous said...

I hear the 'new Bond' is battling the evils of Americam Imperialism in bacwater countries that have been ruined by the evil Americans.

I haven't seen the movie, but so many writers, producers, and directors slip in their Leftist messages that they have ruined going to the movies for me.

Doorman-Priest said...

I can't wait. Bring it on.

LPC said...


You know I like this incarnational JB, shaken but not stirred. The previous ones have been too gnostic for me.

This Bond seems to care and philosophical (I have to go back and recall) he has some attachments.

But what they should do is re-produce the ones before, like Gold Finger, Dr. No, From Russia with Love etc, this time with the real Bond.