Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Who I would vote for

If I were an American, who would I vote for? McCain.

Please do not admire me, thinking I am a right-wing enthusiast. I am not. I just don't think I should throw away a precious right - my vote. I just don't think I should risk it.

All I had to do was watch a taped debate between McCain and the Obama Messiah and that already enabled me to make a decision who I would vote for.

Just apply some common sense no none sense reasoning here.

The problem I see with Obama is that he is running for the office of Messiah and that is already taken. The guy has vision but he is a smooth talker too. I just have a feeling he will give you a high but leave you dry. It is not just ideas that matter, it is also competence.

So why would I vote for McCain? Well no doubt this guy will make as many guffs as Bush, but there is a saying - better the devil you know than the devil you do not know.

I would love to vote for McCain, but they will not let me. It it were the Philippines, some one will vote on my behalf. Boy, over there even dead people get to vote!


steve martin said...

Ever been to Chicago?

As long as they have beeb dead 75 years or less, they are still elgible to vote in Chicago...several times!

Not to take anything away from you folks from New Orleans!

L P Cruz said...


Nice to know we do not have a monopoly on this voting practice.

SM... you do live in the "FREE" world, even the dead are allowed to vote, many times.

I will be praying for you guys up there, you are in a critical phase as who should be your leader.


steve martin said...

Thanks LPC!

It looks like us freedom loving types may take a beating.

But...ya never know!

Past Elder said...

Hell I'm from Chicago originally.

There's two old sayings: vote early and vote often, and, it ain't over till the graveyard vote comes in.

I don't want either of these two guys to be president. How's that?

However, as the "bailout" vote shows, despite all the rhetoric, when push comes to shove it doesn't matter who wins.

L P Cruz said...


Ya reckon?

You don't think McCain is of a lesser risk?

Obama has ideas but he has little to show how his ideals came up to reality, I reckon.


J. K. Jones said...

Interesting topic of discussion, LP.

I have already voted. Early voting is a great thing in the State of Tennessee. Helps avoid the long lines.

For the record: I voted for McCain. I admit to being a single-issue voter. I will not vote for a pro-choice / pro-abortion cadidate if there is a pro-life candidate in the election. Many adoptive parents like me vote the same way.

We'll see how it works out, but I still don't know why a Senator thinks he can run the Executive Branch of our government. Governors seem to do a better job (i. e. Ronald Regan).

L P Cruz said...


I have not read much in detail about Obama but I watched one debate.

I have seen his type before, he is a smooth talker. He is a politician, he knows what words bring attention but I am afraid that is all.

His history shows that he has not actually led much, it is not ideas alone that he needs, it is a matter of execution.

It is too risky to let someone have so much power but so little experience. It is as they say there in USA, like giving a 10 year old boy a shot gun.


steve martin said...

Obama is not that much of a risk.

All he will do is erode our personal freedoms, appoint left wing judges to the courts, raise our taxes, create more class warfare, weaken our military to the point of maybe getting us all killed, enact the fairness doctrine to wipe out the only place the right can be heard (talk radio), do away with the secret ballot in union elections, take over one seventh of the economy (healthcare) and degrade it's effectiveness, buddy up to radical Islamic leaders, etc, etc..

No risk at all. He will bring change alright.