Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bring Jesus back to the Church

Michael Horton had an interview on the subject of "Christless Christianity". He is of course right in his critique of what is happening in the Church.

There is truth to the title of the interview, but the modern Evangelicals are waking up to this, they are not dumb, so do not under estimate them. So they are bringing Jesus back into the Church.

Well, sure they are bringing Jesus back into the Church.

The problem is that the Jesus they are bringing back has no Cross.

Which come to think of it, the Jesus that has no Cross is not the same Jesus of the Bible.

1 Corinthians 1:23 (English Standard Version)
23but we preach Christ(A) crucified, a stumbling block to Jews and folly to Gentiles


J. K. Jones said...


It has always amazed me just how much the ‘modern’ liberal Jesus, the ‘post-modern’ ethical Jesus, and the ‘modern’ mega-church Jesus have in common.

L P Cruz said...

Yes, we can call it, the Crossless Christ, no?


Steve Newell said...

I asked this question to Mike on an interview he had on IE.

Does the fact that most American churches teach "once saved always saved" effect their preaching and teaching? The Gospel is for unbelievers. Once a person had heard the Gospel and "accept" Christ as their personal savior, they no longer need to hear the Gospel. They now need to hear how the live the "Christian life". The result is that the Law is used as the means of living the Christian life, not the Gospel. How many times to you hear Confession and Absolution in these type of churches?

L P Cruz said...


Was that you who called? You asked a very good question. That was spot on.

Most Fundamentalists do believe in once saved is always saved or once one accepted Christ, that was it. So they get busy living the Christian life.

They also turn faith into an emotional experience, but of course, once the experience has set in, what is there left? So you no longer dwell there and so move on, move on from the Cross.

Modern Evangelicals are hearing the criticism so they are bring Jesus back to the Church, but as another blunder, they leave his Cross behind, no?


steve martin said...

The cross means death. No one wants to die. That is why they leave the cross out.

In modern Evangelicalism there is no dying...only progressing further and further up the ladder of sanctification.