Sunday, September 14, 2008

What God ordains

I so thoroughly enjoyed church today. Pr. Brett's antiphonal singing in the worship service was so much of a blessing, I walked away content, as if I had a good steak. My missus did the scheduled readings and she impressed me in the way she gave life to the text.

Everything was perfect. And at communion : there is something at the Lutheran Lord's Supper that never ceases to touch me which I have never experienced anywhere else. It is there that Jesus seems to be physically real to me. I get this voice in my head, why is it here when I kneel at the rails and receive the bread and wine, Christ is present and real to me - something I can not describe by words. Then I get this voice also in my head, but why not here at this moment, would you prefer another time and another occassion? Why not here and now when the bread and wine are being given to you. Where do you seek to find his presence, do wish to find him somewhere else?

Then there was also the hymn. Pr. Brett chose for us to sing Samuel Rodigasts' Whatever God Ordains is Good following the arrangement of J. S. Bach's Was Gott tut, das ist wohlgetan.

J.K. if you are reading this, this is dedicated to what you are going through right now....I am singing it now as I type the words...

What God ordains is always good:
his will is just and holy.
As he directs my life for me
I follow meek and lowly.
My God indeed
in every need
knows well how he will shield me;
to him, then, I will yield me.

What God ordains is always good
he never will deceive me;
he leads me in his own right way,
and never will he leave me.
I take content
what he has sent;
his hand that sends me sadness
will turn my tears to gladness.

What God ordains is always good:
his loving thought attends me;
no oison can be in the cup
that my physician sends me.
My God is truel
each morning new
I trust his grace unending,
my lufe to him commending.

What God ordains is always good:
he is my friend and father;
he will not let me come to harm
though many storms may gather.
Now I may know
both joy and woe;
some day I shall see clearly
that he has loved me dearly.

What God ordains is always good:
this truth remains unshaken.
Though sorrow, need or death be mine
I shall not be forsaken
I fear no harm
for with his arm
he shall embrace and shield me;
so to my God I yield me.

Isaiah 53:3

What does it mean that Jesus is acquainted with sorrow and grief? He understands, he is not making our experience as if they are nothing, he does not trivialize them, but enters our world and experiences it himself, so he is our rightful saviour. He is not distant but near.

Help save, comfort and defend us gracious Lord.


Doorman-Priest said...

I find that Isaiah section as expressed in Handel's Messiah unutterably moving.

J. K. Jones said...

Thanks, LP. Great words!

Heard another good one:

"I will glory in my Redeemer my life He bought, my love He owns
I have no longing for another
I'm satisfied in Him alone.
I will glory in my Redeemer
His faithfulness my standing place
though foes are mighty and rush upon me,my feet are firm held by His grace.
My feet are firm held by His grace."
-From the Lyrics to "I Will Glory in my Redeemer"

L P Cruz said...


I will search that one in my cd collection.


Prayed for your situation this morning specially for the job hunting.


steve martin said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful experience at worship on Sunday.

I too, have and experience those times when everything seems so right and God's presence so real and strong.

Then I have times where I feel God is not present and that I am my sin...'where is God'?
It is in those times that I have to trust in His Word of promise alone. In the bread and wine...body and blood. In my baptism. For in those times, there is nothing else to count upon.

L P Cruz said...


For a low down church guy like me, that is significant when I say things like that!

What I observe what a Christian is, is that he is like Abraham. A Christian is nothing more but a person who believes God's promised found in Jesus Christ.

Even Abraham believe God about Christ, and was justified.


L P Cruz said...

I mean promises (not promised).