Thursday, September 11, 2008

High Energy - LHC

Those who do not know me might think of me that way but in actuality if you ask the misus I am simply a - semi-autistic guy suffering from attention deficit high activity disorder. I never grew out of it.

There is so much talk about High Energy Physics this week. See here for an article of the largest particle accelerator ever built., well if you are reading this - dooms day did not happen. Correct?

You might not know this but I encountered particle physicists involve in this CERN project a few years ago. These dudes are smart. Thousands of collisions can happen in a minute- they call these "events" and tons of data emanate from that a single particle collision. The thing is that thousands of theories can also be formed to explain the particles, sub-particle etc resulting from that collision.

I was fortunate to have a research paper accepted and presented in Bologna, Italy, many moons ago. I entitled it Analyzing High Energy Physics - a Multi-Agent Approach.

The thing too is that if thousands of theories can be formed then this has implications for explaining the Big Bang, so which theory accounts for the data?

Can it be more simple than Genesis 1:1?


Steve Newell said...

I have one simple question: At time zero, how did all the matter in the universe gather at one place? OK, I have two questions. What is the event that caused the "big bang"?

L P Cruz said...

Steve N.,

The atheist scientists say - it just happened! At time t=0, it just happened! By accident.

Actually that answer involves a lot of faith! Because this says - something can come out of nothing.

Also where did that matter in the universe come from, no?

I think it was St. Agustine who said "ex nihilo nihil fit" or something like that - P.E. can correct my Latin. But something can not come out of nothing.

We have a simple answer - God. But the scientist consider that answer though plausible, not interesting. Not interesting because they don't have a job if they admit that.


steve martin said...


All science is, is thinking God's thoughts after Him.

But they will never catch a glimpse of Him. He will remain just over the horizon.
The Hidden God.

mark said...


OK...Hi! Back on-line after a few weeks of transition and several days of trying to get Next-G reception in the wilds of country Victoria.

You had/have ADHD? Seriously?? The reason for my interest is my eldest son has been diagnosed with this since age 7 (now 13) - he's very bright, but struggles with formal school work.

Are you going to the LCAVD pastors' conference in Wadonga in October?

L P Cruz said...

Pr. M.

Where are you in Vic? Some country town? No I won't be in Wadonga but Pr. Brett will be. Can you email me of your details so we can touch base?

re:ADHD, my missus who is an educational child psych has said I have the symptoms of a mild ADHD. So is my 2nd son who is now 26. We have the habit of looking the other way when some one is talking to or in church when someone is preaching. In church I start looking at my shoes. But but do not mistake we are listening. We are engage only that our physical body language appears we are somewhere out in space. Of course, this is disconcerting to the normal people.

My son has slight ADHD (so the missus said) is bored with routine placed on him, but he do not mind routine which him self creates! Passion and obsession go hand and hand and so they are misunderstood. Socially, I think they fail but they seem to be quite successful in areas they put their minds on. My son is earning more than I am, he produces music and has won 2007 R & B (in Sydney)Urban Music Award.

Do not worry, your son can grow out of it. As you said he is very bright already it is just that school work bores him, it bores him because he has figured it out already in his head and so does not bother to put in the energy. The mind is not trained to focus, because focusing is boring. But your son does focus! Only that his focus is not the same as what normal people consider important.

Not all intelligence is academic!