Thursday, March 27, 2008

Why I like (Korean) Tele-Novelas Better

This is from SuperChick, a Christian artist/singer.

Now compare this with the one from SpamaLot, which we saw last Valentine's Day.

The message is the same, no? SuperChick's version is the Christianized version of SpamaLot's, yeah? Well, both give good advice.

Now can you see why most of the time, I enjoy so much watching Korean cutsie romantic love stories, than these? Let me know if you are into tele-novelas too and I can give you some philosophical analysis/critique of themes and lessons in life found in them. If you have not seen any, I can recommend some that will surely give you warm fuzzies and a good cry too. They are addictive.


J. K. Jones said...


I think of that song from "The Life of Brian" (Monty Python) everytime I hear a liberal Christian talk. All they have is Christ as example: a guy hanging from a cross singing "Always look on the bright side of life..." That's not a person you would want to 'set the world on fire' for.

Neither is the good advice from the Superchick song. I do enjoy that music tough.


L P Cruz said...

You have to excuse me, sometimes I get tired. Mind you I am understanding what SuperChick is doing, sincerely trying to make faith relevant to people.

Her song is quite touchy and indeed catches you and gets you.

If she wants people to stop and think, well I can not blame her for that bro.

It just made me think of the Monty Python song when I was listening to her piece. Good advice, but then, we know it still leaves us empty, thirsty. Jesus said, if we believe in him, out of our inmost being shall flow rivers of living water.


Steve Newell said...

The "Christian" music group places that wrong focus on forgiveness. It's not we forgive but that we are forgiven for Christ's sake.

While we are called to forgive others, we do it in the light of our own forgiveness. This was completely missing their song.

L P Cruz said...


Right, I feel sad that the songs coming out keeps triping up on this.

There is merit in the advice but of course, it has no fuel to prop it up, that fuel is our forgivness received through Christ.


TKls2myhrt said...

I've always loved, at least ever since I heard Art Garfunkel sing it. I would argue that Always Look on the Bright Side of Life contains a bit more relevant information that SuperChick's super happy Christian song. It talks of pain, sin, trouble, death, etc. Both songs are equally lacking in giving the reason behind our ability to smile, laugh, help or forgive through rotten times. These songs illustrate (to me anyway) the dangers of being poorly catechized. SuperChick's song could be uplifting with a lyric rewrite.

As for aesthetics, Eric Idle is infinitely more handsome, funny and appealing than SuperChick could ever be! She seriously needs a trip to the beauty salon; she's a pretty girl and doesn't need the gimmicks.

L P Cruz said...

Hi TK,

Without being too heavy, I enjoy listening to the monthy python - SpamaLot version more.

SuperChick's take is quite sentimental. Eric Idle's tone is more in keeping with the spirit of the song. The former is a sweet tear jerker, and more like a pop cultural interpretation of being "thankful philosophy".