Monday, March 17, 2008

Bum Steer

Take my advice, I am done with it.

Just an advice to the Evangelical readers of this blog. Greetings once again.

Quickly, I wish to say that if you think the heart of debate in Evangelicalism is Calvinism or Arminianism, you are getting a bum steer. If you think you have to choose between the two and that is something you should worry about, hang it. It is a false lead. The issue is not predestination. It is the Gospel. What is it?

This word Gospel has been thrown around, first be clear as to what it is, because many people use the word in a very vague sense, like the word - love, it has been tortured a thousand times to mean no longer what it originally means. If you think this Gospel is so basic, you got it in the bag and you can move on from it, you are giving your self a bum steer.

You think you are a Protestant right? Then find out first, what did the First Protestants believe in? What did they say this Gosple happens to be? How were they able to assert JBFA in JCA and yet have Sacraments? That should signal may be you have not fully understood them and they may have been mis-represented in your mind. That should make you wonder and you should dig further how come that was so.

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