Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Prots 'ave 'em

I remember when I was in my teens, a local RC priest came to my mom, asking her to encourage me to enter the priesthood. I remember him chatting with me trying to convince me to enter the RC ministry. I can still picture him even today walking with me towards the bus station encouraging me to become a priest. Where I came from, it is a pride and joy of parents to have a "Father" as one of their offspring. My mom never spoke to me about it though after that incident. I associate RC priesthood with celibacy and I am happy that I did not have such fortitude, it is kinda scary. I was not cut out for the RC priesthood.

Now when I see these Protestant pastors entering the RC priesthood and being allowed to keep their wives, I kinda like shouting - foul! How come they get to keep their families but when an RC priest gets married, he is kicked out of the RC ministry?

Ever thought about that, eyh?

That is not fair! However, may be there is a good strategy here. My advice would be, if anyone wants to be an RC priest, first enter the ministry via the Protestant communion, get your family, then switch over to the RCC. That way you get your cake and get to eat it too; you have your wife, and you have those magnanimous looking vestments too! What more can you ask? That is bliss!


jim cronfel said...

Prov 23:17 do not envy sinners...

(just joking also.)

L P Cruz said...

There is thing called sarcasm and I sometimes write that way. It is for effect.