Friday, July 06, 2007

Johnny B. Good

As you can see, this blogspot has been rated G, suitable for the consumption of the general public, G is for general, not G for good.

It always makes me smile when my wife and I email each other and she would sign off with...

Be good, love
(then signs the name I call her)

"Be good". That is an internal joke between us. She knows I have the habit of putting my foot in my mouth, I just have a way of rubbing people the wrong way. I do not mean to, but it comes out that I am liable to offend when I speak. Even my jokes are just funny to me and my kids but not to the public. I do not have to work hard at it, I am just a natural. One of my great gifts, the ability to annoy people without trying.

It gets worst each day. I learn each day to abandon all hope of acceptance, from God and fellow man, and rest in the hope that I might be found not having a righteousness that comes from "being good" but that of simple faith in Christ who is the one who is Good ... for me. He is my Righteousness, not only in front of God, but also in front of man - Phil 3:9


J. K. Jones said...

I am deeply offended by this post.

Just kidding. I am often accused fo the same thing.

LPC said...


The curse of saying the truth too much.

Augustinian Successor said...

Dear Lito,

I have noticed your contributions over at Reformed Catholicism. Great to know of your website, blog and contributions at RefCath. Having said this, can I ask, do you agree with their ecumenical ethos? I believe they're heading the wrong way in seeing Vatican II as representing an essentially changed or reformed Roman Catholic Church? The battle-lines are still the same as they were at the Reformation ...

LPC said...

Dear Augustin,

I absolutely agree with you. The lines of still there.

One time, it was asked why there are no professional Lutheran apologists (I will write about this soon), the reason is that the situation has not moved since Chemnitz wrote his Examination of Trent. Hence, rather than repeating new arguments for old positions, it is just less talk pointing people to the works of the old Prot Fathers.

Prots from Latin countries are always suspicious of Vatican II because it has not affected the grass root level, it is still the same Trent in practice.

I grew up in Vatican II , I was already 10 when it came out but my parochial practice as an RC kid was still Trent.

Thanks for dropping by, peace be with you,


Augustinian Successor said...

Keep up the good job, Brother Lito. I'm not a confessional Lutheran, but my sympathies are with confessional Lutheranism. And I lean heavily towards confessional Lutheranism and Lutheran Orthodoxy in my christology and sacramentalogy.

"One Nature out of the Word Incarnate"

In Christ,

LPC said...


I went to your blog, that position paper on Baptism and Regeneration from BCP is such a superb reading and theological soundness. I believe we are compatible.

Keep up the good work too brother. I hope to see you someday in KL, we will visit from now on on our way and back through Japan