Saturday, July 13, 2019

The only safe place ... to be happy

Put it this way, if you struggle in life, week in and week out, when you even have to hassle for the air you breathe, when life's problems bog you down, day in and day out, would you not like to unload your sadness and pain one way or another?

Once we understand the core behind Gospel Spiritual Songs is lamentation, perhaps we would not be so quick to frown what goes on in their churches.

To some, this is the only safe place for them to feel happy, even for a couple of hours. Where would you like them to be happy? In a bar, in the sport's field? What better place for them to have it but in an inspirational environment where the promises of God are talked about and pass around.

I get you, and I understand - and I say, may God bless you.


Barnabus said...
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Barnabus said...

Thanks for this Lito, appreciated, God bless you too brother!