Monday, January 08, 2018

One of the best sermons I heard last year.

It was not really the sermon of the pastor. I came in a few minutes after the preacher started his sermon and I was enjoying the words coming out of the pulpit. At the end, he revealed that he was reading Luther's sermon. He said he did not know what to preach and so he took one of Luther's sermons out and chose to read it to the congregation. I was so blessed he did that.

This provided food for thought to me. Honestly, I am disappointed at the sermons I hear from pastors here. Most of the time they wander off from the text of Scripture and I wind up wondering what on earth happened in that preaching moment.

It is dawning on me what Dr. Greg Jackson has been saying, that Luther is still a reliable preacher and we can count on getting meat from his works if we feel starved for good exposition of God's word. Thank God Pr. Greg has decided to publish Luther's Sermon works.


Ichabod the Glory Has Departed said...

Thank you, Dr. Cruz. Luther is catching on again, I am glad to say.

LPC said...

Thank you Pastor Greg for the work you do.
Your books and sermons are a blessing.


Douglas Ferreira da Silva said...

I saw you know pr. Neil Chambers, can you help me talk to him? We are interested in publishing his dissertation on "Limited Atonement in John Owen"
Please, my email is:
send me a message.

God bless

LPC said...

Douglas I will email you separately.