Saturday, July 06, 2013

My reply to those who say - I've never been to seminary

Some pastors from the UOJ camp dismiss my views because my religious education was from a university not from a seminary. So they imply it is not worth much because I have never been to seminary. Here is my reply.


Brett Meyer said...

I like it Lito! Especially in light of the fact that current Seminaries are simply making these men the lick-spittle of the Antichrist by their indoctrination into the false gospel of Universal Justification.

LPC said...

Just another attack on the man fallacy Brett.

They dismiss you and me because we did not come from seminary, as if a non-seminarian has no point to make.

My teachers taught me to look at the merit of the argument not the merit of the man. In the Bible, even a donkey was used by God to rebuke men.


Gregory Jackson said...

But I went to seminary, graduating from one, attending classes or lectures, at Mequon, Ft. Wayne, and St. Louis. But does that count? No.
I could go on. I belonged to as many synods as Al Barry (4) but I don't hide that, as Barry camp followers do. I graduated from Notre Dame, which is a crime, except most of the Ft. Wayne faculty did, too. Never mind. The facts never interfere with their hatred for justification by faith.

LPC said...

Dr. Greg,

I remember the old saying, do not even try changing a person's opinion with facts.


Do not even try changing a UOJ by Scripture either.
It does not work.

Once you criticise UOJ, everything is wrong about you even the socks you wear.