Friday, February 15, 2013

Americans singing a Filipino folk song

Just to take a break from the fight, here is something cross cultural.
It is a song about a field butterfly. They sang it really good, they gave me goose bumps.

I am amazed, they pronounced the words so well. They sang it like Filipinos do.

Well done!


Martin Yee said...

Hi Lito,

Thanks. Very nice song indeed. Btw there is something wrong with this blog site? Can only view your 2 recent posts, the rest are all missing when viewed on a PC. But when using phone browser all the posts are there.


Brett Meyer said...

I'm seeing the same regarding the blog.

Christ's blessings Lito.

LPC said...

Hi Brett/Martin

I do not use a PC and I am glad you game me that feedback.

I will get onto Blogger and find out why Windows is not doing what it is supposed to. For Firefox or Chrome under Ubuntu Linux or Mac Os X all look normal.

Does it happen on all the browser running on Windows?


Martin Yee said...

This happened on both Vista/Windows 7 IE browsers I used. But on Google Chrome browser it was okay.