Friday, October 21, 2011

The pastor's wife is pastor too?

There is a very curious practice of Pentecostals here. By default the pastor's wife is automatically called "Pastor" too! I know I blogged about this many years ago but at that time it was not that rampant but now this practice is all over the place. How strange that the pastor's wife is called pastor too. Having ministerial training is not required; except she probably speaks in tongues, sees visions and could claim God speaks to her directly etc. If you think of it, there is no known portion of church history where the ancient church followed the same practice, you only find this in Pentecostalism. Now that means it is suspect but you would probably get called a dead religionist for pointing this out.


Pr Mark Henderson said...

Houston wannabes?

When it comes down to the pastor's wife automatically being a pastor too, just what meaning does the title 'pastor' have anymore? In any case, to my knowledge they don't do much actual 'pastoring' anyway, delegating that to the elders.

First the Baptists took the biblically derived word 'Evangelical' and rendered it meaningless through overuse and now the Pentecostals are doing the same with 'Pastor'.

What's next? 'Christian'?!

LPC said...

This is a wild world. The practice is quite remarkable as I know of no denomination that does this by default. So correct it does not mean much anymore to be called pastor maybe Lutherans should do what the LC-MS loved to do, called their pastor Father.

Let's see if they can high jack that. The least they can do then is to call the Father's wife Mother.


sma9231961 said...

Those wacky Pentecostals.

I guess if I had the seventh annointing of the Spirit, then maybe I would understand them.

I'm almost there. I've only got 6 more to go (if you count my Baptism)

LPC said...


I respect the piety of sincere pentecostals but I am afraid their pastor are wolves that are fleecing them and will leave them bruised and fleeced when their pastor is done with them.

Another American innovation of Protestant Christianity no?