Thursday, July 15, 2010


Today I was on the phone answering a phone survey. It was a long interview about my opinion on what is happening in the country and the world. Not often do I get interviewed. However, some of the questions were already loaded. For example, one question was "what is the reason why we are experiencing these great upheavals in our weather". The question already presumes this to be a fact.

Most of the question had something to do with government policies on the environment and on taxes. I understand market survey companies chuck in other questions along the way that solicit information for their other clients, in this case I think it was from the mining and petroleum industry.

I was happy to be solicited for information.

Speaking of interviews, I wonder if people like me would ever get interviewed by Issues Etc.

With my position on certain issues? Not a chance. What do you think? LOL.


David Cochrane said...

St Lito,

Pr Wilkin interviews all sorts of people. Perhaps use the contact Issues etc phone number or email to offer this interview. Personally I would like to hear the interview as I still am not sure the reason you and others disagree with UOJ.

God's peace. †

LPC said...


Issues Etc was very instrumental in my crossing over to Wittenberg.

My comment about being interviewed was tongue in cheek.

God bless,


David Cochrane said...

St. Lito

I noticed the LOL. But it would be interesting none the less.

Peace of the Lord be with you. †

LPC said...


All you need to do is endorse me. LOL