Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Filipinas by Trio Los Panchos

Continuing on with some more cultural postings. I am featuring Los Panchos.

When as a boy who wandered around Manila (in a section called Dapitan to be exact), I heard of the songs on the radio made popular by the Los Panchos. Quizas, quizas, quizas. Amapola. Sabor a mi. It was in the 60s and I was too young to understand of course the enjoyment experienced by the grown ups around me. Searching around the web, I discovered that this Mexican group (actually one is from PR), composed a song about Filipinas. Another Indio (what the Spaniards called us) blogged about it here.

This is my translation of the song which I gave to my children (I would appreciate corrections of course):

Filipinas, mi madre adorada
Filipinas, my adorable mother

Del mundo admirada, por su resplandor
Admired by the world, because of its splendor

Filipinas, mi novia encantada
Filipinas, my enchanted sweetheart

La tierra que ofrece respeto y calor
The land that offers courtesy and warmth

Filipinas, princesa de oriente
Filipinas, princess of the orient

Tú eres la estrella que orienta mi amor
You are the star that guides my love

Filipinas, la tierra de mi amor
Filipinas the land of my love

Tus hijos te adoran
Your children adore you

Te ofrecen la sangre de su corazón
They give you the blood of their heart.


jobski said...

Would you happen to have any copy of their hits?

Are you in Melbourne currently? I'm from the Philippines but moved to Melbourne. I remember Trio Los Panchos from the cassette tape that my dad always played in our car when I was a kid. Didn't know they have a song called Filipinas. This is just great!

LPC said...


No I do not have a copy. Their records would have to be searched through old record stores. I have not checked the internet, they may have some mp3s some where.

Yes I am in melbourne. post your email and in the comment and I will see to it that it won't get published and I can contact you.

Great song if you love our homeland. Very suitable to sing.


Yetyet said...

just heard the song "Filipina" by the Los Panchos"at around 1:50 AM (Toronto,Canada time)today March 06,2012.It was played by Bro.Jun of DZMM Teleradio through TFC (The Filipino Channel). It was great song i was so glad listening to it.

LPC said...


Glad you liked it.

Keep in touch.


Mio said...

bonito cancion -- tienes la placa de los panchos

LPC said...

lo siento, no tengo la placa. Pero YouTube lo tiene para siempre.