Saturday, March 13, 2010

Broome and her beach rocks

People, you should visit Australia and you should plan to see the Kimberley's. As Bob Barker used to say "Come on down". The missus has a project with the Aboriginal people of the Kimberleys and she wanted to bring me where she works. Once a month she is with them, in the desert. So a few weeks ago, I went to Broome where she stops over before she goes to Fitzroy Crossing.

Broome, is a small town north of Western Australia. The weather is quite hot and humid. I like it. You will sweat a lot.

Broome has beaches that is filled with interesting rock formation.

The above is my failed attempt to catch the camels at sundown.

You can see them in the photos here.

In one side of the town you can catch the sunset and also the sunrise.

Me and the missus.

Notice the interesting rock formation. It is quite amazing to look at. This one is a about 3 stories tall.

Another example of how the ocean has influenced the rock formations here.

This is not a very big bridge. It used to be that in Victoria, there was such a thing which was a real bridge which you could walk on. It is no longer there because it collapsed.

This one is solid rock. I could give more examples of the shots I took.

Have a look at this rock pillar. Now in this photo, yours truly happened to be a few meters in front of this rock pillar. It is about 2 stories tall.

Now what about this figure here. Now does that not remind you of something in the Middle East?

Clue. Starts with the letter "S".

Mind you, this is not a complete attraction in Broome. My eye just caught this angle. From this side, it looks like the one in Egypt.

This is the sunrise. See the colors of the sky? This is quite common in Broome. It is the colors that will captivate you. It changes as the sun rises and also as the sun goes down.

I wonder if this redness might be caused by the red earth that is so characteristic of Northern Western Australia (which by the way WA, is 1/3 of the continent).

Here is the example of the red earth I was talking about.

See how red this is? You see this all around northern WA.

BTW, this is a small plateau.


Steve said...

Beautiful, LPC!

Just beautiful!

I'd love to see Australia one of these days.

Thanks for sharing!

L P said...

Thanks Steve,

I got more pictures to share. In the next future posts I will show really interesting rock formations.

Be sure to let me know when you come down. You must stop by Melbourne so I can show you around.

May the Lord let it happen.


Augustinian Successor said...

Dear Kuya,

Good to see you and your wife in the pictures! The pics are lovely! ;-D

L P said...


I do not deserve her. What attracted me to her was her very strong sense of what is right and wrong. She is very passionate when it comes to the poor.

The Aboriginees love her and had given her an Aboriginal name. She is given a skin color as to which tribe she belongs. The Aboriginees have been disoriented. They seem to have lost their centre, and I must say so that it may be recognized, colonialism had something to do with this.

I have very high respect for white Australians (and they are very very few) who have decided to live and worked with them. God bless them.

I would like to share some more pictures. Broome has a Japanese and some Chinese connection. This the Australians do not know about.