Monday, February 08, 2010

Don't sing Sinatra's My Way...

...if you are in Manila and you still want to see tomorrow.

The national sport of Filipinos used to be baseball, then it became basketball. Now it is karaoke.

This song can literally get you killed. I was telling my pastor a long time ago that I have heard no less than 2 guys who died after singing this song in a karaoke bar. They got shot.

My pastor led me to the news here featured at The Age. It has been going on now for some time.

No one knows if these people got killed for singing My Way, their way, or horribly off tune. Another theory is that the song evokes arrogance, and that is something Manilanios love to hate.

So there you go. Skip My Way if you decide to sing karaoke.


acroamaticus said...

Thanks for the tip, Lito!
(I've always hated that song, anyway - it is arrogant.)

Steve Martin said...

Killing (or trying to) someone for singing an arrogant song.


Maybe a little dance routine instead.

Xan said...

Wikipedia has this nugget of information (although it's labeled "citation needed"):

In the Philippines it was believed that Vicious' version was inspired by deposed dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos, where in the first part of the song Vicious attempted to imitate the voice of the late dictator.

So perhaps the trouble comes when people sing that version.

L P said...

The lyrics invite fate.

The starting line goes ..."an now the end is near..."

And naturally, some folk just lend you a hand.


acroamaticus said...

LOL...indeed, thy do invite such a fate.

L P said...

It is a song that says good bye...with a bit of pride.

the 2nd line says...

"and so I face the final curtain".

It is a song about being a self-made man, also known in our circle as theology of glory.


Xan said...

Well that may be. It sure sounds like y'all are saying that makes it okay to kill somebody who's singing it, which I know you aren't, but the whole thing seems a little surreal.

L P said...


Yes it is really weird. People should not be laughing but one cannot help it. After all it is just a song.

I think the karaoke manufacturers should delete the song from the list.

It is as we say we are sometimes "un poco loco".