Thursday, January 07, 2010

Careful who you like

A dear young man has been having good friendship with a young lady. He has begun to really like this young woman and the young woman likes him very much too.

I was speaking to him last week. He shared how he was so heart broken when the young woman shared what she did. She posed nude in one of those smut magazines, warts and all. I do not need to elaborate.

I felt the great hurt and disappointment of this young man as he shared with me his great sadness.

This is a porn generation.

I pity the young people today. There is no category called decency anymore. Who knows, the girl you like may have some sex video with her former beau?

The young people of today can no longer be secure.

But sometimes I wonder if I should bother, looks like they can simply get over it.


Steve Martin said...

Pastor Bror Erickson has a pretty good blog post on the subject over at Utah Lutheran:

Thanks for bringing up this often forgotten, but important topic, LPC.

L P said...

It is the culture of porn.

And it will bring down the society, specially here in the west. God says the land will vomit you out.


Bror Erickson said...

Why do girls want this? What has happened that girls seem to think that taking your clothes off and letting a bunch of men use your pic as bathroom material, is somehow a good way to get you 15 seconds of fame?
No this is something worth praying over, and talking to the young people in your life about. They don't just get over it. They don't. It follows them. They can put on a front, but it affects them.

Jonathan said...

Well, is that all she did? That's what I'd be asking if I were him. Don't get me wrong--it's bad and a disappointment, for sure. But, I think I'd be more disappointed to find out she'd been sleeping around. It's a fornication generation. Shouldn't we be ashamed/saddened of that?

L P said...


That is what they think - that what they do with their body does not affect what happens in their soul.

And yet countless times - it does. They keep on denying this fact, they get entertained so they do not have to deal with the damage this has caused. To suppress the guilt and sadness they find other ways to take their mind off the topic. This results in a seared conscience.

Since the broken soul does not get fixed or corrected, they carry this load to the next relationship and more complications happen.

I am praying and it is a spiritual battle indeed.


L P said...


Apparently the young lady has had a cohabitational relationship in the past. But who would admit to the guy that she has been sleeping around?

If you have no qualms in showing your private parts to even in a soft core porn magazine, I wonder if you have any qualms in having one night stands. It seems to me that there is a likely connection between the two. It boils down to a belief system.


acroamaticus said...

I think her honesty about her past is commendable. Is she repentant? Then he should not give up on her. None of us is pure apart from Christ's purity.

On a broader note: yes, two more individuals caught up and damaged by the contemporary 'raunch culture'. I suspect there will be a special place in hell for those who profit from this exploitation of young peoples' disordered sex drives.

And on an even broader note, history (fall of the Roman Empire) suggests that this sort of moral collapse within a culture is a prelude to its external collapse.

Islam, with its man made purity laws, is at the gate...

L P said...

Pr. M.,

I do not know if she is repentant. I hope she is. He did not share, he shared more of his disappointment.

Yet I observe that to young people, this is just something that they do, something common. I suspect that because every body - so they think, is doing something, that thing every one is doing can not be wrong.

I marvel in disbelief whenever I see these pop performers win an award and how they thank Jesus for their music, which interesting contain lots of swear and sexually suggestive words.


acroamaticus said...

Yes, young people lack a moral compass, and get swayed by what their peers are doing. Of course, it's no surprise - we call it original sin!
But then, the older generations have let them down in the first place by not teaching the law in either its 1st or 2nd use. Time was when state schools used to teach the 10 Commandments as a moral code. If you take away a retraining power, like a conscience trained by the Law and the moral approbation of society in general, then all this ugly stuff is going to come out. Society can only reap what it sows.
But such a state cannot continue long, there will be either a renewal of the Christian faith or a man-made solution will be brought in, i.e. Islam - just watch what happens in the UK & western Europe in the next generation.

L P said...

Pr. M.

This knowledge of the law is certainly the missing aspect - I would point to evangelicalism's contribution to this lack of moral code in terms of the things that truly cut people down. If people do not hear the Law in Churches, it is a bit naive to expect the law to be discussed outside the church.

Romans 1-2 do say that people suppress the truth in unrighteousness.

God might just use the West's enemy to bring her down. Islam is truly just at the door. It will be a messy situation very soon.


acroamaticus said...

Uh-huh. The law is there in the confessions of most evangelical churches, but they have drifted away from that confessional tradition in search of relevance and numbers. Plus we have a lot of anti-nomianism in the church and society.