Monday, April 27, 2009

Multimillionair, yours truly.

There have been a lot of people from UK and in Africa emailing me that I just won several million dollars or someone has got an inheritance and likes to share it with me. They are so eager to deposit loads and loads of money to my account.

My situation is a lot better than a CEO who bankrupts his company and still gets millions of dollars for his payout. I know, you may think I have no advantage over a CEO who sacks his workers and still gets a good sum by making people jobless. But I have the high ground, I just got email and I did not have to do anything. The good people of this world have found me and now are willing to give me their millions.

Now I receive these emails 2 per day. So it must be true, otherwise why will they persist in emailing? They must be serious, why will they nag me about it, if it is not true? Why will they end their emails with a "God bless you"? These must be honest people, so I am going to confirm my account details and collect.

So you better be nice and friendly, or yours truly will not shower you with his fortune.

To be honest with you, I have always been a millionaire even before these emails came, I am just pretending to be poor.


Steve Martin said...

It is amazing.

One wonders if a gullible person ever falls for these scams.

It would be just terrible to see an old woman or man (anyone actually) who is living off their savings, give their accoiunt # to one of these scumbags and have their life savings stolen from them.

I too, am pretending to be poor.

It sure is fun to have all those millions in the bank and pretend to worry about how you are going to buy dinner that night!

Dizma said...

Yesterday I received an e-mail from some person from the "Nigerian province of Aceh". I politely replied that this person (as a native) should know that Aceh was not in Nigeria but in Indonesia. :)))

Jim Robertson said...

Tanstaafl(There ain't no such thing as a free lunch) - Robert Heinlein. Those falling for these scams place their hope in men,which scripture instructs us not to do.To err is human...

L P said...


You mean you guys are getting the emails too? But I got my name on the emails?

I have been receiving the emails for 5 years now.

Some of the letters I received even mentions God in it and appears to be from a Christian millionair.

Seriously though, I am amazed at the persistence of the scammers.

They have faith that there is a sucker born every minute.


Dizma said...

What a honour getting your name on that e-mail! I do not get any. I only receive mail from former African presidents, ministers etc. or from their widows, sometimes they offer me money for my "ministry". :)))

matthias said...

I get emails from the daughters of former African president's or their wives,confidentially ,talking about $26,000,000.00 that their friend has found.
So i email back and tell them that I have entered their names onto the Nigerian Email Conference. One even emailed me back to ask where it was beign held,to which i replied "Lagos Jail".I do not get them now,just adds for Viagra or to do MBA's in 6 months from the USA