Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I got none.

Even now after being baptized and coming to faith in Christ, I still have none, none of my own.

Besides I do not want to have one that is from me.

I have righteousness, for sure, but this righteousness is for the sake of Christ, the righteousness of God. Jesus gives his own righteousness to us. Like saying, here have it, I got it for you, I achieved it for you, have mine, use it, it is yours. I bled and died and rose again so you could have what I won.

None of me, none in me, all of him,  all from him, all for his... sake.


Yeah...but said...


How can I bring this convesation back to ME.

Certainly I can't just leave this righteousness from and of Christ alone.

I must add something to it...I really make it my own.

I know! I'll start getting sanctified!

I'll finish the job that Jesus started.

And then I'll build a great big church with others who also want to finsh the job.

I don't care what Jesus said from the cross...I'm going to finish the job!!!!

- Very, very, very Sincerely,

the old Adam

L P said...


Some folk say that what I or you have is fictitious righteousness because we do not have inherent righteousness.

Why would I like to draw from my own when Jesus has already done the perfect thing?


Steve M. said...


"Why would I like to draw from my own when Jesus has already done the perfect thing?"

I can't think of one good reason. Not one.

L P said...

Steve M,

Same here, I have no good reason either ;-)