Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bits and Pieces

This is just odds and ends of special mentions and that, like.... you know?

I ordered this cross from Kelly. She makes Christian Art and other stuffs. I call this Kellly's cross, or perhaps it should be Alex's cross, since she made it originally for him. You can order yours from Kelly here.

I hope to put it in my study or some part of our home.

Then also, Past Elder had a burst of blogging lately and I am so glad he did because his piece on Armistice here is, as chess players say..."brilliant".

I will not spoil the ending for you so I will not review it here, except that I will warn you, you will be blessed with the insights spread up there.

Eric has opened up an internet community for those curious of the Lutheran tradition and so if you are curious, you got inquiries, questions, exploring Christianity etc., I invite you to be a member of The Wittenberg Trail so to find out more, click on this image below.


I am feeling nostalgic and so I am clipping here my favorite guitarist. I got introduced to his playing when I saw Woodstock.

. Well, the best style to use if you want to dance to this music is ... as the title has it... Samba. But I think I can do Rumba on this one too and switch to Merengue on the tail end. I know, I can be so carnal sometimes, it is just so un-spiritual of me, sorry.

One of my pet dreams is one day to play this tune in my trumpet. To get to know what I mean, just imagine the guitar is sounding off a trumpet sound. Ayayay, caramba, only in my dreams, no?


Past Elder said...

Here's another little bit, brother.

I posted a short piece on Runza to answer your question in the combox, and a link to further material on Wikipedia. They are SO good -- the runzas that is.

Thank you for the link to the Armistice post.

My favourite guitarist is BB King, followed by Luther Allison (the other Luther in my life) and Buddy Guy.

And Latin music -- I am Puerto Rican by assimilation you know so SALSA! Bring on the Tito Puente and another Cruz, Celia, and the many fine newer players.

Azucar! (My keyboard is Anglo, no habla.)

LPC said...


We got so much in common! Hurray - Tito Puente and Celia Cruz (cha cha cha) I have them in my music box, I got their CDs.

Very nice....

BB King too in the mix would be dynamite.

I am gonna ask the missus to try can make me that Runza, she can make almost anything.

Blog on (and Salsa! too).


Past Elder said...

At our wedding, one of the songs used, not during the service itself, was "Con los anos que me quedan", a magnificent love song by that great voice of the Cuban exile experience Gloria Estefan.

Nancy didn't speak any Spanish at all, but the mood and intent is clear beyond the language so she went with it.

She liked Runzas too!

BTW, it was ten years ago to-night, Thanksgiving Eve here in the US, that she passed on. I will never forget the concluding words of her funeral sermon the following Saturday: a few days ago most of us celebrated a thanksgiving that lasted one day, but Nancy began one that lasts an eternity.

LPC said...


A "muy suave" song.

I printed off the Runza, and just looking at the contents, I can imagine the "sabor".

I feel your loss and yes, she is in endless thanks and praise now. God has given us gifts to comfort us, for you, Nancy was one of them. We really are pilgrims here, we do not belong here, we are strangers in a strange land. This is not our home.

God comfort you.

Your friend,


Past Elder said...

Muchas gracias, hermano.

I'm hoping the runzas turn out well. Here in Nebraska, besides the ones from the commercial chain, there are lots of recipies around families of that heritage, all of them of course supposedly even better. I've had a few of these "homemade" runzas and they are great too.

There's much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving Day. Not much, in fact nothing, in my life has turned out quite like I envisioned it. But "I" am not the point!

LPC said...

P. E.

He is acquainted with our sorrow and grief and one day will wipe away tears from our eyes. It won't be long now.

Runza recipe is now on in the ref. so it is in the pipe line. Can't wait to try it.

Kelly Klages said...

Hey Lito, thanks for the promotional nod. :o) Your cross should be winging its way to you now. I managed to screw up the shipping cost... but that's my fault! Hope you like the extra, too. Just make sure you don't get it wet. There, that oughta pique your curiosity.

LPC said...


Thank you for the extra and yes, I am eager for it to hit my mail box. Come up with some more items.