Friday, April 20, 2007

We smile and we laugh, so relax.

The smile is a very important behaviour of Filipinos. They smile when they are happy, they smile when they are shy, they smile when they do not know the answer, they smile when they are embarassed, they smile when they are angry and they smile when they are sad. They even smile when they cry.

Then they laugh. Filipinos have another trait, a very Filipino trait of laughing at themselves. The greatest Filipino jokes I have heard are jokes about Filipinos. Well what is left to do if your economic and social condition has no hope of ever changing? Take it easy anyway.

So in line with this trait of laughing and joking about themselves, I am featuring here Betty Butterfield when she went to a Lutheran church ( I have heard of her the first time in horn+swoggled).

Proverbs 17:22


J. K. Jones said...


You have courage.

Does she do anything on Baptists?

L P Cruz said...


Hi. No she does not have anything on the Baptist, but she has one on the Catholics. I like the line when she says "Oh, you mean to tell me that you ar e older than momma's First Baptist Church"?

I am yet to get that Luther piece on preparing for death.

Peace and blessings,


B.A Kennett said...

Loved this one Lito,

'You know that takes real committment to just eat nothin' but worms... for the Lord!'

Pastor Brett

L P Cruz said...

She is a character, always in good fun.