Friday, September 01, 2006

F Words

Yeah, no more F words in Christian circles today because fanaticism and false doctrine are taboo subjects. They have been eliminated from existence, they are no longer in the dictionary. As far as modern evangelia/charismania is concerned today, they do not exist, no one needs to be warned from them, no one needs to be taught about their dangers. You are just a stirrer if you ever even suggest that some practices are coming from fanaticism or false doctrine, that is not religiously correct. You are the bad guy and you are upsetting the harmony of individuals - now why can we not simply just get along. Now read this and if you do not weep something is wrong.


Ritewinger said...

You can add to the list of taboo subjects: church disipline, heresy, and sin.

L P Cruz said...

Thanks for the comment ritewinger,

You are s rightm but hey, it is ok to talk about money and giving and how we should give right?