Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Take away what the other gives

So, to those of you who may be where I was at for so long--disillusioned, hurt, betrayed, bitter towards both men and God--I urge you to call upon the Lord and to not give up on Him. Though He may seem to tarry a long, long time, He will in time deliver you if you are indeed one of His sheep.

The italics is mine.

The above quote was from a list where I am a member of and is led by Reformed folk, though the members come from various schools of thought. The quote though was from a self identified Reformed (Calvinist) Baptist gentleman. The first part of the quote gets you encouraged until you get to the last when you are put on the spot - am I one of His sheep? Begs the question doesn't it? So you got to answer this first before you call upon the Lord for help, you can only hope for deliverance if you satisfy the big IF.

This sort like taking away with the right hand what the left hand gives. So you may call and call upon the Lord and if you are not one of his sheep, your calling will be useless. How far is this from Mt 11:28-30? For Jesus, you should come because he invites you to come. The only condition is that you are tired and you need help. In contrast the quote's language is baffling and destroys hope.


Anonymous said...

Brother Lito,

I truly think you get to the heart of the great tragedy of Calvinism, which is placing this question up front:

"Are you one of the sheep? Are you elect?"

Putting this question at the beginning of the Christian message and proclamation sends men and women back to their own selves to find out "if..." That is like saying, "Come forth from the grave and *then* God will give you life."

How can we fix and heal ourselves...?!

No. I will believe that Christ died for the sins of the world (John 3:16, 1 John 2:2). I do believe, Lito, this message is more pleasing to God and more blessing to mankind. Let us resolve to stay here.

Matt<---begging and feasting.

L P Cruz said...

Hi Bro. Matt,

Thanks for dropping by. This is one of the reasons after studying Calvinism for about 5 years, I could not see how it comforts with its emphasis on God' Sovereignty detached from the Cross.

I know I will get flames by saying this but I expect it anyway (from them).


Anonymous said...


I also discovered this after being in a strong Calvinist Church for almost three years. It was truly a sad thing.

In fairness, I will say that I now appreciate various Reformed (Calvinist) points (God's grace, sovereignty, etc.). I just do better being removed from the actually practice and then interacting with it.

I have your blog on my "favorites" list, so occassionally I swing by to read your blog when I have time.

Peace to you. I hope all is well for you.