Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I know my pentecostal friends think of me as having acquired a religious spirit - this is the term they attach to those who have become traditional in their Christian faith. With my returning to Reformation confessions, I can not help but at times think that they are referring to me when they refer or speak of to "those religious people".

There is a slogan that says "the church that is reformed continues to reform" semper reformanda if you will. I charge though that those who wave that slogan carelessly may indeed continue to "reform" but reform outside Christianity. What they mean by that is progress. Such progress may morphe Christianity to something no longer Christian but may represent it as a form of new age spirituality. I wonder if what is going on in mega-churches (which is predominantly pentecostal) may be a form of pseudo-Christianity. An entirely new religion.

My understanding though is that the Reformers took out the additions and excesses in their Christianity using Scripture as a guide. Yet, they recognized that there was a faith that was once delivered to the saints which was all along there but obscured.

The Reformation that I am learning is that it is a return always to the Gospel and if that so called reformation leads you away from that, it is not reformation but deformation, you may very well overshoot Christianity in the process.


Wartburg said...

Greetings LP Cruz,
Glory to God for your sight and your tellings... I came upon your sight by accident and I am thrilled with it. Pentecostal, Calvinist, Lutheran? Man that is so much me as well. How's Jimmy Swaggart Bible College for a start.I have to go through your BLOG and read what you have said. I will be responding to you soon. Please check out my BLOG as well if you get a chance due to your studies.
I can so relate to your comment about people saying to you "religious spirit"... I have also gone through that with people close to me and it's so wrong on their part.
Brother Salvatore

L P Cruz said...

Thanks bro for dropping by. I am so thrilled to meet a fellow traveller. I am excited at your post and blogspot - there is plenty to read and learn from those who went before us. I placed a link on my blogspot about yours.

Peace be with you,


Wartburg said...

LP Cruz!
Really, really, really GREAT writings of yours! I have received so much going through your sight. Some times you feel you are the only one "like this". We have an incredible amount of experience that is very similiar. The Pentecostal, The Calvinist and The Lutheran! I'm amazed. I so enjoyed your responses to some people who were challenging you but you stand for the Truth of God's Word! Glory To God! I will keep reading more of your POSTS.