Friday, January 20, 2006

Calling Dr. Phil?

I tell you, I have never seen a man so loved by the world, a man with fatherly encouragement for those who are in a hole. Dr. Phil, is the man, he has the formula for everything. Tell him your problems specially about yourself, your relationships and finances and he has the solution for you. Are having problems raising your teens, having a wayward spouse, struggling with some addictions in life - you know who to call - Dr. Phil. You got a problem with weight? No worries, Dr. Phil has a diet program you can get into and it'll straighten you up. Attitude is everything and Dr. Phil is a master of articulating how you can improve and perfect your bad attitude.

So, if you want some advice on how to improve yourself, I recommend you give Dr. Phil a ring. There is one thing I have observed though that Dr. Phil can not do for you. If you have a problem with God because of your sin, well, I doubt if Dr. Phil can help you.

You see, you need a Christian Pastor for that. It is just a pity though that manythem are becoming insecure because of not having the same therapheutic skills like Dr. Phil, when all along they have the message that will always be relevant and always be the true message of God - the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When the pastor is holding this message, he has something Dr. Phil can not give, and this is the message of forgiveness. When your problem is God, no amount of theraphy will do, you need Dr. Jesus for that and the pastor ought to know how to connect you with Him, real fast. Jesus will not tell you to get your act together, he will point you to His Cross.


TKls2myhrt said...

Good post! Dr. Phil may be loved by many, but I think that many also see through his charm and find that he has no permanent answers for peace. I always seek counsel from my pastor first and recommend that strategy to others. A good pastor will address spiritual problems and then refer you on to a doctor or counselor. Have you seen the blog of a Lutheran psychologist-in-training? His blog is Amor Et Labor. Although there are many, here are a couple of interesting posts:

LPC said...

Thanks TK, I will visit his blog. The nice thing in the Lutheran church is that they require their pastors to be students of the Word (i.e. theologians too) not just one who has spiritual experience.