Monday, October 17, 2005

No Talk No Mistake

They feel sorry for me. My good and caring friends in the ministry feel sorry that I am not now pastoring today. I can understand and appreciate their disappointment. However, in a way I am not bothered at all.

Firstly, I can not do anything unless the Lord helps and inspires me, so I believe he prepares and equips his people. Secondly, in a way I am happy, because if I am going to stand and preach to people and it so happens that I preach something that is false, I will be responsible for misleading them. It is a serious business speaking on behalf of the Lord. I will be judged for every word I said.

Then I think of St Paul who was in prison and he still encouraged believers even while he was behind jail. I am very sure that should Paul have been in prison today, he would have requested internet access and would have sent his epistles by e:mail. I think he would have bloged too since his loved for Christ's church can be seen from his letters.

For now I like the Chinese proverb at that says "No talk, no mistake".


ben said...

Just a notice; I responded to your comments on Sola Scriptura in the comments box.

LPC said...

Welcome and thank you for your visit and for your comments.

I have relied to your posts...